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Thursday, February 24, 2011 7:30 AM

When I was first introduced to PSL it looked a little intimidating and even though I’d done programming/scripting in the past I was not ready to learn yet another programming language just to accomplish something I was already doing in a much less complicated environment with drag/drop/create simplicity with two separate software packages.  I could pick and choose which to use for any specific job without the complication and idiosyncrasies of complex nested “if , then,  else” statement coding.  The magic was in creating text boxes or graphic boxes and a few minor statements, then let the program do the rest and “voila” we were done.  But while I found it easy to create the merge file the actual merging was the Achilles heel of both of my current solutions, they were MISERABLY slow.  We had to add an additional hour or more to the job for completion depending on size with files less than 5,000 records; heaven forbid some error was found afterwards and the whole process needed to be restarted.  Mind you we are in the mailing business and time is an extremely critical element to the mailing of our projects which can be numerous on any given day. 
We searched for a solution that would be easy to produce cards and letters with drag/drop/create simplicity and be able to merge with the speed of machine language.  I am happy to say that we found that solution in the PSL “Page Wizard.”  We are now able to set n-up cards and letters in minutes not unlike our other products but where the Page Wizard eclipses the competition is in its composition engine.  It literally zips through a duplex file of 20,000 records in a couple of minutes…that’s 40,000 pages in a couple of minutes.  To this DP manager this was heretofore unheard of unless done from scratch in a programming language.  Another caveat to the Page Wizard is if there is anything special in the project the PSL team have employed the “PEEK AND TWEAK” methodology where you need only to peek behind the GUI interface and tweak the generated PSL code to make it do anything and everything you need it to do, and I do mean anything!  We have a programmer on staff who has used the language over the past few months to produce incredible output in a variety of formats enabling us to bid on and win government contracts requiring fast turnarounds of hundreds of thousands of records; accomplished in minutes not days.
Notwithstanding is the exemplary technical support which stands ready to assist in every way to  accomplish the task. When you call there is no menu tree, there is a live person ready to immediately assist you. And on the rare occasion when unreachable by phone you can email the issue and be assured a reply in only a few hours if not sooner.   Normally sales and marketing personnel are limited in the technical area but not so for the PSL Page Wizard Sales Manager who is very knowledgeable in the operation and “under-the-hood” functionality of the program and many ways it can be used to accomplish your tasks. 
In summary this program can build pages quickly within a GUI, manipulate data with coding if necessary, composes with a blinding 20k/minute engine, and is supported by an exemplary tech support staff.  And finally if there is an improvement you think would help the user community, THEY LISTEN, and it just may be included in their next update which doesn’t take several months and an act of congress to produce. To summarize the summary… Great product and even greater support!
Jerome Morgan
Automated Mail Service