Corporate Management

Tom Crooks
Jet Letter, LLC
606 Larkspur Ave.
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
Office: (949) 721-8786

Tom is the founder of Jet Letter, LLC and the prime mover behind its market expansion into a broader market. This expansion is due to the innovation user interface in the Page Builder products and their ease of use.

While earning an advanced degree in engineering at UCLA Tom was “forced” into learning programming.  He’s spent most of the rest of his career either writing or selling software.




Norm Sanford 
Jet Letter LLC
Toronto, Canada
tel: 905-986-4537

Norm is the geniurs behind the development of PSL and the PSL Page Builder products. Norm is extremely proud of his work and does not like bugs in the software. As a result, he is most keen to know about any problems you may be having with the products.

Similar to Tom, Norm started his career in physics, but soon got into writing languages and has done little else since.

Advisory Board

Herb Silverman
Irvine, CA

Herb is helping Jet Letter by providing strategic advisory services and guidance particularly as the company expands into the Web Services arena.