About Us

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Company Overview and Philosophy

Jet Letter LLC is not defined by us but by our customers.  Starting in 1993, Gene Mallory sold some 500 copies of Jet Letter to clients in the direct mail business.  It’s safe to say that he learned something, and the product got better with every single one of his customers because he listened.  It’s amazing how often a Jet Letter user tells us that some feature in Jet Letter is “his.”  Gene had retired and sadly, passed away. Jet  Letter is no longer on the market.  But Jet :Letter's PSL Page Builder Family is.  We learned from Gene two things;

  1. What a VDP product needed to do, and,
  2. To listen to customers

Our Drag & Drop PSL Page Builder Family of products came about from listening to customers.

Gene Mallory sold a scripting language.  We, including this author (Tom Crooks), who joined Gene in 2001, sold a programming language because users could perform the more difficult work – the work the Drag & Drop systems  could not do.  Something like 500 direct mail shops bought that product and most would be happy to attest to that being their reason for growth and profits.  Many firms have grown to huge proportions – millions of sheets per day. 

At the outset in 2005 we had a serious choice to make.  Should we continue to enhance Jet Letter or start with a “clean sheet?”  We chose the latter.  We replicated what Gene had done in terms of functionality, but added much more as we continued to listen to customers.   PSL is a very modern, compiled, programming language written by people who have been writing compilers for 30 years.  While still a very important foundation for the PSL Page Builder Family, and in fact available to those who choose to use it, the PSL Page Builder Family is, in fact, a drag and drop VDP composition and production product.  

Most certainly there was a transition period when users “had to” us the PSL language to get jobs done.  That is no longer the case.  The current embodiment of the PSL Page Builder Family, we think, is an outstanding example of a modern drag and drop software product.  While that could be elaborated on forever, one particularly telling feature is the PDF output.  As the user interacts with the productr what they see on the screen is exactly the PDF that will be printed (or e-mailed, or sent to the web)!!!

The PSL language exhibits modern features such a call backs, recursiveness, unlimited files sizes, numbers of variables, and virtually no limits to anything. It was written in “C” and extended in itself.  It uses English like commands, such as “setMargin”, “setFontSize”,  “setWordWrap”,  etc.  There are 800+ of these each specifically tuned for the VDP market.  

Some, but few, firms continue to us the PSL language and have enjoyed some serious growth. Throughout this website you will find testimonials to that effect.

With new products, such as PSL Page Builder, Jet Letter LLC is now poised to broaden its market substantially.  PSL Page Builder is a suburb product for the smaller direct mail or “print for pay” shops, offering much broader functionality and faster merge speed than all other low end products.  While at the other extreme PSL Page Builder Pro gives the $100,000 VDP product a serious run for their money.  The PSL Page Builder Family of products will not "run out of gas" as marketers place higher demands on Direct Mail and Print Shop Providers.