Primenet Discusses Jet Letter VDP

by Thomas Bougher 13. August 2013 23:28
PrimeNet, led by CEO, Mark Keefe, is a full-service national direct marketer founded in 1962 with facilities in Florida, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They specialize in complex direct marketing projects and data services and deliver a million plus personalized pieces for their clients weekly. In keep... [More]

The Value of Printed Mail

by Thomas Bougher 16. July 2013 20:02
The German marketing company, RAPP, hired Nielson to survey consumers in order to gauge the varying effects of online and offline direct marketing techniques. Nearly 2,000 consumers in both Germany and the US were surveyed.A few of the survey results include the following.Personalization is essentia... [More]

Dynamic Content Management Discussed

by Thomas Bougher 28. May 2013 00:30
A Conversation With Tom Crooks, President of Jet Letter LLC Tom, can you tell us a bit about Dynamic Content Management? First of all, dynamic content management is probably the most significant feature ever released by Jet Letter LLC. Why do you say that? DCM allows Jet Letter clients to easily... [More]

Dynamic Content Management by Jet Letter

by Thomas Bougher 21. May 2013 19:23
The biggest challenge implementing an on going variable data printing project is the DATA. By definition, variable data and the resulting variable content change as information is updated. Managing those constant and numerous updates is both time consuming and prone to errors. Jet Letter has now a... [More]

Engagement Marketing

by Thomas Bougher 27. March 2013 21:16
Engagement marketing!  I heard the term for the first time while having a conversation with Steve Amiel, Executive VP at Easypurl.  As soon as Steve uttered the phrase it stuck in my brain. So much of the conversation about direct marketing today revolves around “cross media marketi... [More]

Chris Wood Joins Jet Letter

by Thomas Bougher 7. February 2013 22:17
Tom Crooks, President of Jet Letter, a leading provider of variable data document solutions, is pleased to announce that Chris Wood has joined the Jet Letter team sales team. Chris was formerly a production print specialist for Konica Minolta in the Dallas, Texas area. He brings with him a deep und... [More]

Ariadne's Thread by Tom Crooks

by Thomas Bougher 30. January 2013 23:32
Greek mythology has given us many myths, allegories and legends. Among those is the legend of Ariadne, daughter of Minos, the King of Crete. Ariadne’s legend tells us that when Theseus came to the labyrinth to slay the Minotaur she gave young Theseus a ball of thread so he could find his way o... [More]

Speed Thrills

by Thomas Bougher 29. January 2013 23:49
“I could cry I’m so damn happy!” That’s what Thom Gulyas of ACE Printing & Mailing, a recent convert to Jet Letter’s PageBuilder VDP, told us after running a coupon job for one of their regular customers for the first time using PageBuilder. “We have a clien... [More]

Ten Ways to Increase Your Direct Mail Response Rates

by Thomas Bougher 27. December 2012 23:36
Earlier this year Nick Nanton wrote a piece related to his experience with direct mail campaigns and offers his thoughts how marketers can increase their response rates. We’ve summarized and focused in on one of those observations. The full article can be found here, Nick&... [More]

Two Great VDP Webinars

by Thomas Bougher 6. December 2012 23:03
The NAPL and Jet Letter will both be presenting free webinars to help providers of  variable data printing services succeed and grow their business.On December 11th at 11:00AM Eastern Time the NAPL will present NAPL NewsTalk LIVE, Increase Your Sales & Profits by Getting Maximum ROI From Va... [More]

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